Moveable Barrier

Moveable barrier technology is used for managed lanes and construction applications to create “Safe, Dynamic Highways” that offer real-time roadway reconfiguration while maintaining positive barrier protection between lanes.  For managed lane facilities, moveable barrier is used in areas where there is a tidal traffic flow to redistribute unused capacity from the off-peak traffic direction to give more lanes to peak traffic.  For construction applications, moveable barrier is used to expand the work zone to accelerate construction through the elimination of stages or entire construction seasons, while reducing congestion and increasing safety for workers and motorists. 

Crash Cushion Systems

Crash Cushions were added in 1999 when engineers needed an anchorless impact attenuator that could be moved through a QMB transfer machine, BSI engineers developed the ABSORB 350 Crash Cushion. Excellent market reception led to the development of the TAU-II Crash Cushion using proven European TAU technology.

Today, Barrier Systems is recognized as a global leader for the supply of crash cushions, terminals, TMAs and portable barriers. Barrier Systems consistently develops solutions for road hazards and provides the best product based on life cycle costing.