Case Studies

Managed Lanes:

Boston HOV Lanes, Boston, MA.  Dual contraflow lanes.  Installed 1994, upgraded 2015.  12 miles.

Newport Pell Bridge, Narragansett Bay, RI.  Unanchored safety barrier.  Installed 2015.  2 miles.

Static Barrier Walls.  Seattle, Hawaii and Rhode Island gain benefits without moving the barrier wall.

Coronado Bridge, San Diego, CA. Moveable median.  Installed in 1993.  11,200 lineal feet.

Delaware River Port Authority Bridges, Pennsylvania to New Jersey.  Moveable medians.

IH-30, Dallas, TX.  Contraflow lane.  Installed 1991.  Expanded three times from 8.5 miles to 29 miles total.

I-15 Managed Lanes Corridor, San Diego, CA.  Moveable median.  Installed 2008 - 2012.  20 miles.

Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand.  Moveable median.  Installed 1990.  Upgraded 2009.  1.4 miles.

Gowanus Expressway, NY.  Contraflow lane.  Installed 1993, upgraded 2001.  

Teddy Roosevelt Bridge, Washington, D.C.  Moveable median.  1997.  4100 lineal feet.

Victoria Road, Sydney, Australia.  Moveable median to create Bus Only Lanes.  2010.  Saves commuters 18 minutes per trip.


Denmark Work Zone Crossover, Copenhagen, Denmark . M10 May 2017, 5.6 km.

I-75 Michigan, Dixie to Hess.  Tourism traffic patterns required The Road Zipper to mitigate congestion during partial width construction.  MDOT saved $30 million in user delay costs and won a regional AASHTO award.

I-95 ABC, Richmond, VA.  The Road Zipper is used during Accelerated Bridge Construction to keep traffic flowing.  Project finished four months ahead of schedule & $16 million under budget.

I-93 Fast 14, Boston, MA.  Another example of The Road Zipper used for Accelerated Bridge Construction.  Project was showcased by FHWA and received 9 major awards.

Pulaski Highway, NJ Route 139.  The Road Zipper keeps traffic moving with positive barrier protection between workers and motorists.  4,760 lineal feet.  Ongoing.

Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee, WI.  Partial road closure with a moveable median.  1.75 miles.  Allowed WisDOT to keep existing shoulders for breakdown and emergency response lanes.

Doyle Drive, San Francisco, CA.  2012.  Partial road closure with a moveable median.  1.25 miles.  Prevented crossover accident on Day 4.

IH-66, Arlington, VA.  Shoulder widening.  1991.  4.5 miles.  Finished 5 months ahead of schedule.

H-1, Honolulu, HI.  Concrete widening, RTS barrier for construction.  2004.  1.5 miles.

Utah 3500 S Arterial, Salt Lake City, UT.  Arterial widening for Bus Rapid Transit.  2009.  1.7 miles.

St. Croix River Bridge, WI.  Bridge redecking.  2004.  4900 lineal feet.  Saved one construction season & $1.4 million in user delay costs.

I-31 Lick Creek Bridge, Indianapolis, IN.  Superstructure replacement.  2010.  1606 lineal feet.

I-75, Linwood, MI.  Pavement rehabilitation.  2012.  Winner, "Ahead of Schedule, Medium Project," MAASTO/AASHTO regional award.

West Side Highway, Manhattan, NY.  Highway reconstruction.  1991.  4500 lineal feet.

European Installations.  A21 Seven Oaks Bypass, England, 2006.  Pesio Bridge, Italy, 2005.

Event Management:

Holland Nuclear Security Summit. Moveable barrier is used to create dedicated freeway lanes for world leaders and Summit delegates