Lindsay Guide

Through the Lindsay Guide Mobile App, a contractor can be assured that installation teams possess the current documentation and media needed to help properly install LTS road safety devices in the field. Inspection crews can also benefit by using the app to confirm safety devices have been installed correctly.

High-quality video with audio prompts present a detailed step-by-step installation process.  When finished, the app’s post-installation checklist is like the extra “walk through” that helps contractors feel assured the product has been installed correctly.

The Lindsay Guide Mobile App is available for Apple and Android devices, or online.

Lindsay Guide

Contractor’s Tool

Easy to use, the Lindsay Guide Mobile App is a field-friendly partner to the standard installation materials. With resources like this mobile app, questions on how to install a product are answered in seconds with detailed instruction and video. Contractors have the assurance that installation teams are armed and ready to expedite the installation process in a timely and efficient manner.

The Lindsay Guide Mobile App can also be configured for automatic software updates to bring more features and updates to your phone on a regular basis.

Material can also be downloaded from the app ahead of time if the installation is taking place in a remote area with limited cellular service.


Inspector’s Tool

Inspectors value the Lindsay Guide Mobile App for its clear direction and field relevance. When contractors, installers and inspectors are all following the same road map of installation instructions, the communication channels are fluid.  The Lindsay Guide Mobile App reaches its maximum potential when that shared understanding flows from start through final inspection.