Road Zipper Managed Lanes Fact Sheet

The Road Zipper System® for Managed Lanes


The Road Zipper System is designed to cost effectively increase capacity and reduce congestion by making more efficient use of new or existing roadways. This technology is used for managed lanes and construction applications to create safe, dynamic highways that offer real-time roadway reconfiguration while maintaining positive barrier protection between lanes.

The Road Zipper System offers road authorities and contractors a practical strategy for making congested highway systems more efficient, safe and functional. These benefits can be realized in less than one year and at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

  • Traffic Congestion Relief
  • Quick alternative to costly road construction
  • Safer roadways 
  • Helps eliminate crossover fatalities 
  • Flexibility 
  • Improved air quality
  • Decreased fuel consumption

Applications include bridges, tunnels, managed lanes and high volume highways where additional right-of-way may not be available, the cost of construction is too high, environmental concerns may exist, or when the lack of funding may slow or prohibit support for new construction. The Road Zipper System provides Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and commuter buses opportunities to increase ridership and generate toll revenue while connecting corridors and avoiding constriction points.

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What is The Cost of Adding Capacity?


Lindsay Transportation Solutions’ flagship product is The Road Zipper System, which includes the QuickChange Moveable Barrier (QMB®) and the Road Zipper transfer machine.

These are T-shaped concrete barriers that connect to form a continuous wall. A transfer machine is used to move the concrete barriers laterally across the pavement, creating a moveable “zipper lane.”



In 2006, Lindsay Corporation acquired Barrier Systems, a company founded in 1984 with a single vision: creating a quick-moveable concrete barrier that would reduce traffic congestion and improve roadway safety.

Today, The Road Zipper System® by Linsday is used to move people “safer, faster, smarter . . . better” on congested roadways around the world. Lindsay Transportation Solutions is a division of Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN), a global leader in providing water management and road infrastructure products and services. Lindsay Transportation Solutions products include:

  • The Road Zipper System
    - Quickchange® Moveable Barriers (QMB®)
    - The Road Zipper transfer machine 
  • Energy-absorbing crash cushions and end terminals
  • Specialty barriers for construction zones
  • Road marking materials
  • Road safety equipment
  • Truck mounted attenuators