Universal TAU-II-R Family of Reusable Crash Cushions

A complete Family of Redirective, Non-Gating Reusable, Crash Cushions to shield almost any hazard.

The Redirective, Non-Gating, Reusable (R-NG-R) Universal TAU-II-R Crash Cushion is designed to meet NCHRP Report 350 as a reusable attenuator to protect motorists at speeds up to 110 km/h (70 mph) from hazards that range from 700 mm - 2.6 m (27 - 102”). The Universal TAU-II-R System uses Hyperelastic Polyurethane Modules tested to withstand multiple design head-on impacts before requiring replacement. The Universal TAU-II-R System is part of the Universal TAU-II Family so maximum interchangeability between all Systems helps keep inventory costs low. In addition, existing Universal TAU-II Systems can be upgraded to  Reusable TAU-II-R Systems by replacing existing cartridges and nose with Universal TAU-II-R Modules and Reusable Nose.

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TAU-II-R Crash Cushion


  • Hyperelastic (HE) Modules designed to withstand multiple design capacity head-on impacts
  • Can convert existing Universal TAU-II Partially Reusable Systems to TAU II-R Reusable Systems by simply installing Universal TAU-II-R Modules and TAU II-R Nose
  • Utilizes same universal parts that are used with Universal TAU-II Systems to reduce inventory costs
  • Minimum number of anchors
  • Uses standard transitions
TAU-II-R Elements


To shield concrete barrier in medians, side of road or gore areas in asphalt or on concrete roads where impacts may be frequent or in areas hard to reach by maintenance crews.  Can be installed as a permanent or temporary attenuator.

TAU-II-R Crash Cushion


  • Classification - Redirective, Non-Gating, Reusable (R-NG-R) Impact Attenuator
  • TL-3 Length - 7.3 m  /  23’ 10”
  • Width - 0.7 - 3 m  /  27 - 102”
  • Height - 800 mm  /  31 1/2”
  • Test Level - NCHRP 350 TL 1 / 2 / 3