Universal TAU-M MASH Crash Cushion

MASH TL-3 and TL-2 tested.

The Redirective, Non-Gating, Universal TAU-M Crash Cushion is designed to meet MASH TL-3 and TL-2 testing requirements in a compact, partially reusable design. The system is available for concrete and asphalt applications and can shield hazards with widths up to 30” (880 mm). Ease of installation, fast on-sight repairs, and numerous transition options make the TAU-M system an ideal crash cushion to shield most roadside and median hazards. The TAU-M system is also available as an upgrade kit to retrofit existing NCHRP 350 TAU-II Systems into MASH TAU-M Systems.

TAU-M Crash Cushion


  • Minimum number of anchors needed to secure the system

  • Reduced length vs. NCHRP 350 TL-3 system

  • Upgraded slider panels for increased durability

  • Can be installed over bridge expansion joints

  • Concrete and asphalt systems available

  • Numerous non-proprietary transition options

  • NCHRP 350 to MASH Retrofit kits available



To shield concrete barrier in medians, side of road or gore areas in asphalt or on concrete roads.  Can be installed as a permanent or temporary attenuator.

TAU-M Crash Cushion


  • Classification - Redirective, Non-Gating, Partially Reusable (R-NG-PR) Impact Attenuator
  • TL-3 Length - 6.93 m  /  22’ 9”
  • TL-2 Length - 4.33 m  /  14’ 2”
  • Width - 762 mm  /  30”
  • Height - 8030 mm  /  32 5/8”
  • Test Level - MASH TL 2 / 3