Tunnel Reconstruction Utilizing Road Zipper in Vienna

Tunnels, like bridges, present unique challenges during road construction. Typically, there is very little space for a safe, efficient work zone – putting workers at risk, slowing construction and creating major traffic problems.

The Road Zipper System® can help overcome those challenges by creating a flexible, positive barrier between motorists and construction crews while managing traffic congestion.

For example, in Vienna, Austria, officials currently are using the Road Zipper System during the rehabilitation of two aging tunnels and the asphalt highway sections that connect them.

“The project runs for 3km (1.9 miles) in the southbound direction of the A23 and includes structural repairs to the Hirschstetten and Stadlau Tunnels,” said Paul Grant, Road Zipper Marketing & Operations at Lindsay Transportation Solutions.  “Because it’s a major thoroughfare in and out of Vienna, officials needed to find a way to mitigate the congestion that would result if all lanes were not available during peak commute times. The Road Zipper System provided a flexible, cost-effective solution.”

With the Road Zipper System, the roadway is configured in real time so that more lanes are open for peak traffic. The system also allows for the creation of a safe work zone where lanes can quickly be opened and closed, while still providing positive barrier protection between workers and motorists.

“The system also offers a lot of flexibility,” said Grant. “Each night, the barrier wall is moved out and the work zone is expanded to make room for larger, more efficient equipment. You don’t get that kind of flexibility with traditional concrete barriers, which can take days to reposition.”

When the work zone was shortened, the flexible system allowed for 1km (.6 miles) of the barrier to be removed from the south end of the project. Later this year, the entire barrier will be removed and then re-installed early next year on the northbound side of the highway so that all repairs can be completed by July 2017.

In addition to the Austrian tunnels project, The Road Zipper System has been an integral part of road works projects in Italy, Holland and the UK.